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AKC Hunt Test Training

We specialize in training Hunt Test retrievers to be confident, watery, and to love what they do. We train through attrition, teaching the dogs each new concept so they always run confidently and with style. We have a lot of experience with sensitive dogs, and we truly adjust our training to each dog's individual needs. Click here to see some of our young Hunt Test dogs

Mike Taylor handling on a blind retrieve
We also offer Headstart Puppy training. Puppy training is a great benefit to owners who do not have the time or knowledge to raise a Field Trial, Hunt Test, or hunting retriever. The best dogs often have begun their training with dummies and real birds as soon as they are weaned. By making retrieving an exciting experience early on, your dog will have a love of retrieving all their life. For more information about Puppy Headstart training, please click here.

A Special Thanks to the SkyHigh Team

Rob Henry earns the title "Master Hunter" with his dog Buck Rob Henry is our wonderful friend, client, and training partner. He and his dog Buck have achieved the Master Hunter title in AKC competitions, and his dog Star (co-owned by Mark Burlington) just finished her advanced training with us. Thanks as always to Rob for being a dedicated supporter of SkyHigh Retrievers, in training and at Hunt Tests, and for all his weekends spent throwing birds for our dogs. Buck, owner Rob Henry
Pic by Lon Lauber

SkyHigh Retrievers travels to sunny California during the winter months, January - April. This gives your dog the unique opportunity to be worked on water no matter what time of year it is. This is a great program for a young duck dog ready to go into training, or for a competition dog continuing their water work. If you would like your dog to continue their training this winter, please Contact Us.

For our recent Hunt Test and Field Trial results, visit our SHR Results page. For more information about Hunt Test training, please Contact Us.

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