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Pointer Training

HighPoint Pointing Labs strives to produce excited hard working hunting dogs that will not only be productive pointers but also love the job they do. Through consistency of training and bird exposure we mold your dog's natural talent to fit your needs in the upland field. Whether a pointer or flusher, our goal is to keep dogs happy and focused through all stages of training. 

In conjunction with SkyHigh Retrievers, we have the ability to not only produce strong upland and pointing labs, but also dogs working towards further retriever work or an APLA title. Using similar training methods we are able to work together to give dogs a complete training experience. 

Given that every dog is different and every hunter has different needs for him or her, we customize our program to fit your dog. We evaluate your dog's talent, trainability, and maturity to give you the best possible results. We apply this principle from your puppy's first introduction to birds to a fully trained hunting dog. We work through attrition and exposure to birds to take dogs to all levels with style and intensity.

Ben Taylor provides custom training. Ben has worked with SkyHigh Retrievers and other notable pointing trainers in the North West. Working with a broad range of trainers, Ben has collected years of experience and worked first hand to form good training techniques to create a program that grabs from best of them. With a focus on making dogs happy and eager to please, Ben tries to make every dog stylish and easy to work, and every owner proud, with a bag full of birds.

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